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About Us

Himeji Systems, Inc. of Ottawa, Canada is an IT consultancy with 15 years servicing the National Capital Region (NCR).

Clients include private companies, public sector clients and remote consulting with a wide-range of experience in Linux, Networking and IT: including server mainteance, migrations, open source software, data-centres and small-medium size enterprises.

Our corporate branding and logo reflects a multi-layer security approach inspired by imperial castles.

Products & Services

Consulting Services

Himeji Systems, Inc. can offer your organization a comprehensive consultation addressing your organizations needs. We strive to provide professional services, while keeping technology and innovation a priority:
  • Assess and Advise: assess network and infrastrucutre requirements, assist in IT decision making process
  • Online Presenece: Establish an affordable and professional web presence
  • Network: network planning and diagraming, network cabling, routers/firewalls
  • Server Room/Data Centre: equipment installation/configuration, power and cabling, rack-mount hardware
  • Modernize: Upgrade your network, bring it up to speed
  • Security: Threat & Risk Assesments, vulnerability assesment, network security
  • Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) and business continuity: ensure your network is prepared for emergencies
  • Backups: Backup implementation, network backups to Disk and Tape, file-synchronization
  • Logging and auditing; network logging infrastructure, analysis and reports
  • Research: Investigation of tools and technologies, deployment suitability
  • Performance: Plan for future and anticipated demand, perform stress testing, site metrics
  • Consolidation: Consolidate & upgrade server operating systems, remove unecessary duplication, combine common function and leverage existing infrastructure
  • Migration: Move from one platform to another, migrate services and databases
  • Periodic maintenance: Perform upgrades, system patching, compile kernels
  • Support and Training: present technologies (overview), explain strengths and specific considerations
  • End-Of-Life: Decomission and disposal of surplus IT assets

Core Competencies

Our specializations include:
  • Open Source Solutions
  • Leading-edge technologies (fully researched)
  • Site specific configuration and customization

IT Lifecycle

We can assist your organization in numerous ways though-out the IT life-cycle:

  • First contact: Needs assesment via email/phone
  • Initial Consultation: Information gathering and initial meetings (opttionally at client site)
  • Planning: plot a roadmap, cooperatively develop an IT strategy for your organization
  • Recommendations: Make technical recommendations, advise on implementation details
  • Implementation Phase: perform necessary work, installation and site-specific work
  • Status Update: periodic reports during implementation, seek feedback on work performed
  • Support: Continued/ongoing maintenance and support

News, Press Releases

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